OHANA Medium 3-piece Adjustable

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***This is the medium 29mm shaft with Medium blade 3 piece paddle***

Designed to maximize family fun while minimizing cost, the OHANA is the ultimate entry-level paddle. Lightweight and durable, it represents a big performance upgrade over other entry-level paddles on the market. This 60% carbon paddle shares much of the same DNA as our premier race and surf paddles (Hydro and Surge), but features a more forgiving blade design and paddle construction that is better suited for recreational paddlers. Three blade sizes, two shaft diameter options, two handle options and available in Fixed, Adjustable & 3-Piece Adjustable the Ohana caters to all paddlers in all water conditions from surfing to flat water cruising and travel. New for 2020 we have improved both the aesthetics and performance of the Ohana. In addition to new artwork this season, our new REFLEX UD Medium flex shaft will provide paddlers with enhanced performance and durability.